The 2016-2017 Youth Basketball Season has officially wrapped up, and it was a fantastic season! This year we had 265 players sign up to form 35 teams over eight different age groups from 1st through 12th grade.

This season we had three 1-2 grade girls teams; Pink (Coached by Jamie Weathers), Sapphire (Coached by Tina Bradley), and Royal (Coached by Matt Brown). We also had six teams in our 1-2 grade boys league. These teams were Red (Coached by Andrew Morris), Navy (Sponsored by Mapleton Lane Group, LLC and Coached by Brian Carroll), Royal (Coached by Steven Hines), Dark Heather (Coached by Keri Garrison), Purple (Coached by Stephen Staley), and Yellow (Coached by Ben McEntire). We had a great time watching all of these teams learn and grow this season!

 Our 3-4 grade girls league was made up of three teams this season; Pink (Coached by Amber Thompson and Haley Fowler), Purple (Coached by Mary Edwards), and Grey (Coached by Lee Bradley and Kevin Blackwell).These teams competed hard all season long, with Grey earning both the Regular Season and Tournament Championships and Pink earning the titles of Regular Season and Tournament Runners-Up.


The 3-4 grade boys age group had an incredible season with eight exciting teams competing. These teams were Jade (Sponsored by Kelli C Photography and Coached by Mike Duncan), White (Coached by Brandon Highsmith), Royal (Coached by Kevin Scruggs), Black (Coached by Wesley Jackson), Orange (Coached by Chauncey Barber), Purple (Coached by Jammy Edwards), Gold (Coached by Regina Harms), and Carolina Blue (Coached by Shane Blackwell). This season was full of nail-biting games that came right down to the wire, with three teams all finishing at the top of the standings with records of 8-2 (Jade-Kelli C Photography, White, and Royal). Due to the tiebreaking procedures, Jade (Kelli C Photography) earned the Regular Season Championship with White gaining the title of Regular Season Runners-Up. The tournament offered even more excitement with Jade (Kelli C Photography) ultimately coming out on top over Royal by a score of 30 to 21 in the championship game.

This season our 5-6 grade girls league was made up of three teams that were very evenly matched. Out of the fifteen regular season games that were played, twelve were decided by five points or less, including three overtime games. There was only one game all season that was decided by double digits. The teams in this age group were Pink (Coached by Pat Gray), Carolina Blue (Coached by Brian Taylor), and Purple (Coached by Arnie Twitty). After many closely contested games, Pink earned the Regular Season Championship, with Carolina Blue earning the title of Regular Season Runners-Up. Tournament play saw even more close games with Carolina Blue earning a trip to the finals by pulling out a two point win over Purple. In the finals, Pink was able to earn the title of Tournament Champions by defeating Carolina Blue in a well-played championship game.


In our 5-6 grade boys league, there were six competitive teams vying for the top spot. These teams were Red (Sponsored by Wilsonart and Coached by Daniel Bradley), Grey (Coached by Tamara Black), Black (Coached by Joey Whiteside), Dark Green (Coached by Josh Edwards), Purple (Coached by Jammy Edwards), and Carolina Blue (Coached by William Suber). After many hard fought games, Red (Wilsonart) was able to gain the Regular Season crown and the #1 seed in the tournament, with a record of 9-1. Grey was right behind them with a record of 8-2, making them the Regular Season Runners-Up. In tournament play, Black was able to make a run all the way to the championship game, where they ultimately fell to Red (Wilsonart) by a score of 24-21.

This season we had enough players sign up to be able to form a 7-8 grade league, as well as a 9-12grade league. We are hopeful that both of these age groups will continue to grow! Our 7-8 grade league consisted of two teams, Purple (Coached by Jordan Smith) and Royal (Coached by Tim Nodine). These teams battled back and forth all season with both squads winning multiple games. We closed the season with a 3-game postseason series to decide the Championship, which was ultimately won by Purple in two tough games.


Our 9-12 grade league was highly competitive. We had four fantastic teams that worked hard and exhibited great teamwork all season long. These teams were Grey (Coached by Jenny Wolfe and Jessica Justice), Black (Coached by Steven Hines), Purple (Coached by Sean McKaig and Peter McDonald), and Royal (Coached by Amber Searcy). Almost every game in this league came down to the very end, but Grey battled through these close games unscathed to earn the Regular Season and Tournament Championships. Black was able to earn both Regular Season and Tournament Runner-Up titles.

We would like to thank all of the coaches, parents, and community members who helped make these leagues an incredible experience for everyone involved. We could not do it without you!

We would also like to give a special thank you to our sponsors this season: Mapleton Lane Group, LLC, Kelli C Photography, and Wilsonart. We greatly appreciate your generosity and support!!