Spring Soccer 2016 Wrap-Up

Another exciting soccer season has come to a close! We had an incredible turnout for our Spring 2016 Soccer season, with nearly 400 players signed up ranging from 4 to 18 years old. We offered five separate leagues, and we were able to put together 39 exciting teams, for one of the biggest seasons in recent memory.

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This was our third season offering our 4 and 5 year old age group, known as the Wee Booters, and they had a blast! We had 11 great teams, made up of over 80 players, with coaches that were able to introduce soccer to this youngest age group in a fun and informative way. The teams in this league were Sapphire (Coached by Jamie Weathers), Jade (Coached by Amanda Rice), Orange (Coached by Jenna Eades), Purple (Coached by Karen Lawrence), Electric Green (Coached by Tammy Grize), Kelly Green (Coached by Parker Doody and James Cannon), Red (Coached by Carl Tannenbaum), Black (Coached by Christian Savaia), Royal (Coached by Tyler Burrell), Carolina Blue (Coached by Ben McEntire), and Yellow (Coached by Cameron and Ashton Capozzi).


Our 1st and 2nd grade league saw an astounding 120 players sign up to form 12 teams. These teams were coached by Jesse Navarro (Yellow), Theresa Wagoner (Sapphire), Jessica Greve and Amy Varnadore (Lime), John Nespeca and Christian Savaia (Black), Savannah Martin (White), Brandon Highsmith (Orange), Rebecca Rhodes (Maroon), Denise Tessneer (Royal), Brian Taylor (Navy), Brian Carroll (Red), Kevin and Krystal Powell (Carolina Blue), and Ric Osborn (Grey). Red earned the title of regular season champions with a record of 5-0-1, with Lime earning the title of regular season runners-up with a record of 4-1-1. In our first ever postseason tournament for this age group, the 8th seeded Black team made a run to the championship game where they met the 3rd seeded Orange team. Ultimately, Orange came out on top in a dramatic penalty kick shootout by a score of 4-3. This thrilling championship game was a great way to end a fantastic season!

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In our 3rd and 4th grade league we were able to form seven very balanced teams out of the 80 players in this age group. Tim Nodine (Orange), Jessica Greve and Amy Varnadore (Lime), Kevin and Krystal Powell (Navy), Eric Bishop (Dark Heather), Savannah Martin (White), Erik Koistinen (Grey), and Mandy Wolfe (Carolina Blue) were the fantastic coaches who led these teams throughout this season. Orange captured the regular season crown after going undefeated in the regular season, with Lime right behind them with a record of 5-1. However, the 3rd seeded Navy made a postseason run to the championship and knocked off Orange in a hard fought championship game by a score of 1-0.  


Our 5th and 6th grade age group consisted of more than 60 players making up six awesome teams. These teams were Red (Coached by Anthony Pereira and Graham Sharp), Carolina Blue (Coached by Parry Ward and Kevin Tapp), Chocolate (Coached by Stacey Shields), Royal (Coached by Amy Connelly), Safety Green (Coached by Robert Turner), and Orange (Coached by Russell Greene and Brian Groce). Safety Green earned the regular season championship with a record of 4-1-2, which was enough to edge out the runner-up Carolina Blue team who finished with a record of 4-2-1. However, the postseason tournament saw the 3rd seeded Chocolate team face off with the 4th seeded Red squad in the championship game. Red came out on top in a 1-0 game that went right down to the wire to earn the title of Tournament Champions.


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In our oldest age division, 7th thru 12th grade, we had three strong teams competing for the top spot. The Black team (Coached by Miguel “Taco” Santibanez) earned the regular season championship with a record of 3-0-3, while Red (Coached by Jose Ramirez) was the regular season runner-up with a record of 2-1-3. In the postseason tournament, the 3rd seeded Chocolate team (Coached by Stacey Shields) made a run to the championship game where they faced off with the #1 seed Black team. Black came out on top to secure the tournament championship by a score of 3-2, thus giving Chocolate the title of tournament runners-up.


We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this season possible; to all of our coaches for volunteering their time to give back to the youth in our community, to Harmon Field for partnering with us to make this season a reality, and to all of the parents and spectators who support our programs. We could not do it without you!