Polk County Office of Economic Development
20 East Mills Street – PO Box 308 – Columbus, NC 28722

News for 2017:

There are a few more openings for volunteers for the Economic & Tourism Development Commission (ETDC) as we organize for Polk County's journey to economic prosperity. The new organizational structure was approved by the County Commissioners on 16 November 2015. A 21-member ETDC will meet quarterly and be supported by three new Standing Committees. Leadership will be provided by a four-member Executive Board. 

Mission Statement:
To nurture the economy of Polk County while preserving a desirable, rural quality of life.

Purpose of the Office of Economic Development:
To advise the Board of County Commissioners and implement policies and actions that support the Mission of the Polk County Economic Development Commission.

Economic and Tourism Development Staff:

Melinda Massey, Director, Polk County Travel & Tourism

Polk County Economic Development Staff:

Brian M. Griffin, Business Development Director

Economic and Tourism Development Commission Executive Board: 

Fred Baisden, Saluda Mayor fredbaisden@rsnet.org Vice Chair
Aaron Green, Polk Schools Superintendent agreene@polkschools.org 
Don Hofmann, Marketing, ICC Trustee dhof52@att.net Chair 
Cindy Viehman, * McGorty's Pub, First Real Estate viehmancv@windstream.net 

Economic and Tourism Development Commission Members:

Judd Daniel, Daniel Dry Goods Judd.Daniel.Dry.Goods@gmail.com
Kate Barkschat, ICC Polk Campus kbarkschat@isothermal.edu
Marc Blazar, * Orchard Inn, Saluda innkeeper@orchardinn.com
Ken Busch, ** Scoops 'n More scoopsandmore@yahoo.com
Tom Strader, MG12 tstrader@mg12.com
Cassie Silvers, Student, Community Volunteer cassilvers@yahoo.com
Tracey Daniels, * Media Masters Marketing tracey@mmpublicity.com
Michael Kleiner, ** WNC EduTech mkleiner@wncedutech.com
Robin Dampier, ** Board of Realtors Robin@NC-Hendersonville.com
Steve Modlin, ** Old Mule BBQ Sauce sauce@oldmule.com
Bob Binns, Parker-Binns Vineyard Treemens101@msn.com
Cristy Houser, * Wilderness Cove Camp/Tubing Info@NCTubing.com
Terry Lynch, ** SCORE jntlynch@gmail.com
Thad Harrill, ICC Spindale tharrill@isothermal.edu
Amy Norville, St. Luke's Hospital amy.norville@slhnc.org
Dawn Jordan, Ag Economic Development djordan@polknc.org
Cathy Ruth, County Planner planning@polknc.org
Melinda Massey, Travel & Tourism mmassey@polknc.org
Brian Griffin, Economic Development, bgriffin@polknc.org


* Member of Tourism Sub-Committee
** Member of Entrepreneur Development Sub-Committee