2018 General Election Information


Absentee Ballot Request Form



Board of Elections Office

Oct. 17 - Nov.3

7am-7pm weekdays
8am-1pm Saturdays
October 12 @ 5pm - Voter registration deadline                            

October 17 - Nov 3rd -  Early voting period                                     

October 30 @ 5pm - Last day to request absentee by mail ballot

November 6 - Election Day                                                              

Next Board of Elections Meeting:

October 16, 2018  @ 6:00pm

Agenda:  1) Approve absentee ballots
              2) Other election business

@ Board of Elections Office
                     Womack Building, 40 Courthouse St. Columbus NC 28722

Day Residency Notice:
You must be a resident of North Carolina and of Polk County at least 30 days prior to any Municipal, Primary, General Election or Presidential Election.


Campaign Finance Information


The Polk County Board of Elections is committed to conducting fair, honest, impartial and efficient elections so that all qualified citizens in Polk County may exercise their right to vote. The Elections Office is responsible for conducting all elections in Polk County, including municipal, county, state, and federal elections, as well as special referenda.

Services Include:

  • -Maintain Voter Registration Records
  • -Receive Candidate Filing for General Assembly and local candidates
  • -Campaign Finance office for local candidates/committees 
  • -Provide for Remote Absentee Voting
  • -Provide for Election Day Voting
  • -Report Election Day Results to Public and Authorities
  • -Evaluate and Improve Election Services
  • -Provide Election Reports and Statistical Information
  • -Provide Precinct Official Training and Educate Election Day Officials

Other Community Services Include:

  • -Provide voter and precinct information to public
  • -Provide registration materials and advice for community registration drives
  • -Visit community groups for voter/election education

NC State Board of Elections Web site = http://www.ncsbe.gov/


The following are the Board Members for 2017-2019:
Vice Chair Sharon Goettert ; Board Chair David Moore; Secretary Renee McDermott, and Member Scott Woodworth

Contact Information

Cliff Marr
Director of Elections

Board of Elections Address (Physical and Mailing)
40 Courthouse St.
Columbus, NC 28722
PO Box 253
8:30 am -5:00 PM Mon-Fri